It's the end of year Q&A!

It's the end of year Q&A!

What to do with new gear? What to travel with?
Do the lack of manuals lead to us not knowing what to do with new gear? Does freedom and mobility beat having access to lots of tools when traveling? This and more... it's Q&A time! 

We'll be back with new design musings between New Year and Lunar New Year. Have a joyful December!

The ‘design, Design, DESIGN, design!’ podcast is where we – designers Jesper Bylund and Jaan Orvet – poke, prod, analyse and share our opinions on design – the everyday, the mundane as well as the exceptional. We also explore how people affect, and are affected by, design. And we drink coffee, this week from Bonanza Coffee Roasters (we're not sponsored, we just like their coffee).

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