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AI, notes and souls

Welcome to season 4! In this episode we planned to explore Notion AI. Instead, our minds wandered and we ended up talking about note taking workflows. And why having t...

Be idle

🎧 Why is the human act of being idle, and taking some time off, seen as an expression of subversive counter culture?Jaan and Jesper make a passionate case for the virt...

Coffee shop design

We explore the evolution of coffee shop design. And recall a very kawaii way to serve coffee. The ‘design, Design, DESIGN, design!’ podcast is where  we – designers Je...

(De)fin(d)ing design

(De)fin(d)ing design, including when speaking with team members from other disciplines. Jesper and Jaan find a way to move from the abstract to the concrete.The ‘desig...


Don't listen to this episode. Please. Unless you are a committed bag and backpack geek. Or you like deep geekery in general. If so, this is the episode for you! Jesper...

Brutalism. Just say no.

Brutalism in architecture, it's a bit rubbish. So why has it transitioned in to digital design? The answer is simple: Traditional UIs matter less. The ‘design, Design,...

Spanish design

More on why the influence of Spanish design is one of our 2023 predictions.

2023 design predictions reviewed!

We review design predictions from around the world for the year ahead.

It's the end of year Q&A!

What to do with new gear? What to travel with?

The P word

About progress and quality. Not about "productivity".

Ideas! What to DO with them?

Ideas. Write them down, speak them out loud, purge or keep?

Hotel design, without the hotel bit

Hoteliers are rethinking what a hotel needs to be, and we chime in.

Say no to collaboration theatre!

What's worse than not collaborating? The make believe world of collaboration theatre!

Hello designer, are you still relevant?

Season 3 is here! In episode 1 we ponder what it takes to stay relevant in the world of design.

Fringe gaming devices. Why we still love them.

Fringe gaming devices. Square screens! Cranks! No cases! Delays! We still love them. And, is handheld gaming still a thing?

The death of the laptop

Is the laptop the new desktop computer? And the tablet the new laptop?

A dangerous pair of fun scissors

Foldable devices. Jaan has actually tested some of them. How rubbish are they?

Ugly – A design Q&A

Thank you for sending us a new batch of design related questions to answer! Let’s see how we get on with them, shall we?

News and notifications

Notifications, what are they good for?

From plan to planes

Our episode 6 recording plans got upended on short notice, and replaced by work travel to Berlin (Jesper) and Singapore (Jaan). We'll be back next week!

Metaphors and meetings

Why are outdated, aggressive, macho metaphors still used to describe creative collaborative work? War rooms, get in to gear, plans of attack, huddles... Find out how t...

What is a document?

What is a document? And is the future “...a document that does everything”?

Dongle fail – A design Q&A

Questions you’ve asked us; answered. Surprises await.

Design style

What is design style, and do we need to think about it? How long does a style last? And also, what about minimalism?

Maximising the minimum

We’re back! Welcome to season 2, now in English! Today we explore what it means to “maximise the minimum”, and why it makes you a better designer. Also hands in pocke...

4. Gamla webbar, provokationer och avslut (och säsongsavslutning)

Gamla webbar är de bästa webbarna. Tech löser som bekant alla/inga problem. Men usch vad provocerande!

3. Skinn, ambition och notebooks

Jesper rider in på en häst, vilket leder till stitching och läder. Varför har en del platser inbyggd ambition?

2. Möbler, skampåsar och övergångsställen

Skampåsen bevisar att möbler inte utvecklats alls. Lyktstolpar likaså; varför kan inte ljuset komma från husen?

1. HEX-koder, väggfärg och tyngdlyftningsskor

Grålila väggar. Är himlen sommarbabyblå? När Homer skrev om sina resor var vattnet vinfärgat. Snygg naken, eller träna för att hänga med mormor och morfar beror på var...

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